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5 Amazing Casinos to Visit That Aren’t in Las Vegas

Best Casinos Outside of Vegas – 5 Gambling Destinations You Need to Visit (Online Casino Australia)

The majority of my casino experiences have been in Las Vegas, so Sin City has a special place in my heart. I will always love the city and all of the memories that I have made there, but I don’t want to limit my gambling experiences.

Let’s face it; the casinos are getting a significant portion of my money, so I might as well share some of the wealth!

My first time at a casino outside of Vegas was when we were on a trip to the east coast. We were visiting some family in Connecticut, and we took a day trip to Mohegan Sun.

They have three different casinos in their one resort and a cabaret theater that made for a fun evening excursion. The best part about the theater is that their performances are free as long as you buy refreshments.

Most of the standard games and slot machines were represented, but they also had some games that I had never heard of. Casino of the Earth has nine tables dedicated to a game called Let It Ride, and I truly enjoyed getting to discover a new game. The dealers were all kind and willing to help us learn.

Overall, our experience at the Mohegan Sun resort was fantastic. Admittedly, I was a bit of a Vegas snob before our trip to Connecticut. I thought that Las Vegas was the only place to find the best casinos, but Mohegan Sun made me realize that I needed to broaden my horizons a bit.

Since then, I have been asking friends and colleagues about the best casinos that they have ever been to. It turns out that there is a whole world of casinos that I didn’t even know about.

Now, I want to travel to all of these other destinations to try out different casinos firsthand. It will take some time for me to save some money and airline miles, but I can’t wait to see how all of these casinos offer a unique experience.

But before I tell you about which casinos I want to visit, let me first explain how I chose these particular locations.

How I Chose Casinos That I Want to Visit

Everyone has their own desires when it comes to travel and casinos. Some people want to go to the biggest casinos on the planet, while others prefer smaller getaways where they won’t be bothered by other people.

There is nothing wrong with any of these reasons that you might choose a vacation. It really just boils down to personal preference. So, before I tell you that you should visit the same places I want to visit, let me explain why I chose these ones over others.

When looking for worldwide casinos, I specifically chose venues outside of the United States. There are plenty of fabulous casinos in the country, and not all of them are located in Las Vegas.

Atlantic City has Borgata and Connecticut has Foxwoods, both of which are fabulous, massive casinos. But personally, I see this as an excuse to travel the world. So, casinos from other countries and continents are the only ones that made my list.

Another thing that I intentionally look for when I consider traveling to different casinos is what makes them different.

Most of the slot machines and table games will be similar no matter where you go.

So, I purposefully looked for something that makes each of these casinos stand out. It might be something about their wine selection, something to do when I get done gambling or an elegant atmosphere that sets them apart.

Many of the cities that are represented on this list have other casinos that are probably just as fabulous. But I had to choose one, so I selected the one that stood out to me the most.

You might very well choose different casinos, and you would probably pick them for diverse reasons. Don’t let my list limit your possibilities. Instead, use this as a starting point to get you thinking about some of the casinos that you want to visit.

I hope that this list represents a variety of casinos with different atmospheres, so there is something for everyone. Here are the five casinos outside of Las Vegas that I am hoping to visit.

Sun City Casino Resort in South Africa

Located a couple of hours outside of Johannesburg, Sun City Casino is like a world of its own. Six hotels, hundreds of slot machines, seven bars, and twenty-seven restaurants are just the beginning.

The resort is located just outside of a national park, has its own nature preserve, a human-made lake, a water park, and a golf course. There is no shortage of things to do, before or after gambling.

In particular, there are two things that I want to do when I visit Sun City. They have the largest permanent maze in the Southern hemisphere.

Covering half of an acre, the labyrinth is made of wood and artificial stone that makes it look like an archaeological dig-site of an ancient city. Getting lost in a massive maze sounds like a great way to make me forget about the money that I will probably lose at the blackjack table!

Sun City Casino Resort in South Africa

You cannot go to Sun City without going on a safari. This is South Africa, after all. And the options at Sun City are not limited to your average safari. Choose your transportation, from walking, biking, or even hot air balloon options.

Watch crocodiles getting fed, track rhinos, or be a part of the conservation movement by assisting a veterinarian with a rhino notching. These options give you a true one-of-a-kind experience, and they all have the animals’ safety in mind.

Even though I think some of the entertainment options at Sun City are magnificent, the main reason I want to go is to gamble. Salon Privé is their exclusive gaming room for members of their loyalty program, Sun MVG.

It has higher denominations, better stakes, and select options. I can’t wait to play some of their progressive slot machine games, like Lion’s Share.

Sun City Casino Resort has something for everyone. If you have a chance to visit South Africa, I strongly suggest making the journey to Rustenburg to experience this unique resort. The hotel, casino, restaurants, and activities will make you glad that you made the journey, and your trip is sure to be unforgettable.

The Grand Lisboa, Macau

Macau, China, is the gambling center of Asia with thirty-eight casinos that make more revenue in taxes than Las Vegas. The island was under Portuguese occupation from 1850 to 1999, and the government offered licenses to gambling houses in an attempt to build revenue.

In 1962, the Sociedad de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau, or STDM, was granted a monopoly to be the only licensed casino operator in the city. STDM was owned by Stanley Ho, who brought Western games to the island and modernized the city.

When Macau became a special administrative region of China, the Chinese government ended the STDM monopoly by offering licenses to other casino operators, including Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts, and Galaxy Entertainment.

Stanley Ho had to update his casinos in order to compete with the massive casino companies from the US, and that is why he built the Grand Lisboa in 2006.

The lotus-shaped tower is a commanding part of the city skyline, whether it is shining gold during the day or lit up by more than a million LED lights at night. Grand Lisboa has a thousand slot machines and eight hundred tables, with games from blackjack to the Chinese favorite Fan Tan. It was the first casino on the island to add live dealer cash games in 2008.

But the table games are not the reason that it was added to my list of casinos to visit. Inside the dome on top of the Grand Lisboa tower is Robuchon au Dôme.

This gourmet French restaurant boasts three Michelin stars, breathtaking views of the city, a chandelier with more than 131,000 Swarovski crystals, and Asia’s most extensive wine collection. Earning Wine Spectator’sGrand Award annually since 2005, Robuchon au Dôme has more than 16,800 wine labels.

If wine is not your drink of choice, you may think the Grand Lisboa is not worth your time. The elegance of the hotel, entertainment options, and spa might all convince you otherwise. But if you can’t afford the decadence of the Grand Lisboa, Macau has more than thirty other casinos that are definitely worth visiting.

The Kurhaus in Baden-Baden, Germany

A refreshing change of pace from the flashy neon lights of Las Vegas, the Kurhaus Casino is utterly elegant. Built in the early 1820s, it is one of the oldest casinos in the world.

Its Corinthian columns and neoclassical design make it an architectural masterpiece. Surrounded by gardens and mineral baths and presenting regular concerts from the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra, it is truly tranquil.

The Kurhaus in Baden-Baden, Germany

The ornate casino is certainly not the largest, but that adds to its exclusivity. Guests will be amazed by the variety represented by just a couple hundred slot machines and table games. They may only have twenty-four table games, but both French and American roulette are represented.

Kurhaus Casino is a wondrously different casino experience. If you are overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, this serene setting may just become your favorite casino. It is reserved, sophisticated, elite, and marvelous.

I cannot wait to get away from the busyness of everyday life and relax at this peaceful location while enjoying some of my favorite games in a refined and classy casino.

Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore

Two of Singapore’s casinos, the Resorts World Casino in Sentosa and the Marina Bay Casino, represent some of the most expensive resorts to ever be built, each costing around $5 billion.

Resorts World is such a massive resort that the property contains the casino, six hotels, a Universal theme park, a water park, and the S.E.A. Aquarium.

The world’s largest oceanarium is what made me decide to add Resorts World to my casino list instead of Marina Bay. It has more than a thousand different species, including several different sharks, frogs, dolphins, eels, rays, and an octopus.

They have educational programs, overnight stays, and VIP tours that are sure to be well worth spending some of your gambling winnings.

Another impressive aspect of Resorts World is the casino itself.

They have more than 2,400 slot machines and five hundred table games.

However, you should be warned that the casino has a strict dress code. Shorts, sandals, hats, and sunglasses are all prohibited.

If you can handle the dress code, you should definitely add Resorts World to your must-visit casino list. When you go to book your trip, you will have to choose from the themes that each hotel offers, but you are sure to find something that will fascinate you.

Monte Carlo in Monaco, France

Last, but obviously not least, is the Monte Carlo. Made famous as the choice casino in several James Bond films and the choice of the world’s most elite clientele, the Monte Carlo is a resort with four separate casinos.

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, France

Whether you are interested in American or European games, they will have a table that piques your interest. I was first drawn to the Monte Carlo because I saw that they have Chemin de Fer, a form of baccarat where the players play against each other.

Partially owned by the monarchy, the Monte Carlo is as exclusive as you can get. High rollers and even higher rollers enjoy it because of the fantastic service and privacy that they can’t get anywhere else.

They can rent their own private gaming rooms, and the Salons Super Privés can customize their experience with whatever games they desire.

If you desire a different experience, check out the outdoor gaming terraces that allow you to gamble while taking in the views of the Mediterranean. The Sun Casino has a more relaxed and open environment, similar to American casinos, with live music and DJs on weekends.

No matter what you are looking for, the Monte Carlo has to be on every gambler’s “bucket list.” Just don’t be surprised by the strict dress code. Jackets are required after eight p.m.


There is no wrong place to gamble, and as long as people enjoy the games, casinos will be available all around the world.

Considering that most casinos are multi-million-dollar complexes, they all have an exciting and decadent array of options to attract their guests.

Some of the world’s best casinos are in Las Vegas, but those are not the only ones. Personally, I can find no reason to limit myself, so I intend to enjoy as many casinos as possible. I hope you will join me in experiencing the adventure of a worldwide gambling tour!

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