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Bitcoin casino for large players – features of gambling with crypto currency

On the Internet, bitcoin casinos abound for large players, but how can I choose a casino that has these claimed properties. I was looking for a casino in accordance with big games, bonuses or rewards, I want to find a casino bitcoin for big players, which one is the best? I decided to choose the one that had the highest rating. This casino wins a huge amount of money, or it also has expandable features for the player to help them continue to make bets, he has bonuses. Having gained popularity, the crypto-currency gambling market is rapidly changing, and according to forecasts, social or casual gaming revenues will grow to $ 22.52 billion by 2019. Wow, this figure has so delighted me, the market is growing very fast. The coolest thing is that you can use all operating systems – Windows, Linux, androids, window x, etc. In this regard, the economic world should change accordingly, a new revolution in the financial market is due to the crypto-currency and digital monetary power. Bitcoin and digital money inspired the creation of many games. But always, when I invest my time and money in such gambling, I always remember that I have to check an important aspect of regulation in order to make sure that I’m safe and I check that the site is legal and licensed, in accordance with the rules countries.

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Features bitcoin casino for large players:

Large players in offline casinos have been very popular in previous decades, but now there is a worldwide distribution of online casinos, because there are also many players who want to sit at home with bitcoins instead of dollars and play in a comfortable environment, bitcoin has now become a very popular crypto currency, only a few casinos accept bitcoins, as the growth rate of online casinos is growing everywhere with the offer of gambling and currency games, and on local laws both the authorities and the casino offer the player to bet their currency.
There are several online casinos that offer gambling and games based on crypto currency / bitcoins. Since online casinos are available all over the world, they must comply with local legislation.

Through transactions with bitcoin, these online casinos offer a wide range of opportunities for players to bet their bitcoins in:

  • Games offered online casino
  • Online gambling
  • Sports Games
  • Online lotteries in accordance with the laws of the country

Types of these gaming sites:

Basically, there are two types of gaming sites, one with bitcoins only – here we can only use bitcoin crypto currency, there is no anonymity and no verification is required for the game.

The second type of gaming sites is a hybrid. As the name suggests, this is a traditional onyx casino, where you can bet with bitcoin and fiat currencies. There is no minimum deposit here, but here you need to go through the process of checking documents, such as an identity card, and other documents, we need to show the source of income or the source of bitcoin (this identification is necessary) to play online casino games.

Regulation of Bitcoin Casino

As players, we know very well that there are some rules of gambling in each country. Suppose I am in an Asian country, I must follow certain regulatory conditions in accordance with the laws of this country, as well as in the countries of America, Europe, etc. There is no single legislation that would encompass online gambling all over the world, because each country has its own laws and regulatory bodies that deal with these issues. So, we have to deal with different types of licensing and authorities in different regions of the world.

Benefits for high-stakes players

Large players are considered VIP, if they have deposited more than $ 1000, then the casino provides them with VIP services, and also provides them with additional benefits, for example, most casinos will offer them an excellent set of bonuses and so on. Become a major player or VIP-player means that there will be many small advantages, the casino will provide us with personal services;organize a special tournament for major players.

Attractive bonuses

When I start playing in an online casino, they offer me attractive bonuses, as an example – for the first deposit they offer me a 100% bonus up to 2BTC / 100 euros, then on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th deposit, they offer a 50% bonus up to 100m BTC / 50 Euro. Sometimes they also offer me a daily extra bonus, as well as a weekly bonus.

Exclusive Promotions

Online casinos treat us as VIP players when we become big players, that is, make large deposits; they offer us current stocks, gifts, computer glasses and much more. The most interesting thing is that I always received a weekly cashback. They manage VIP programs, organize many events, loyalty programs and so on.

Variety of games bitcoin casino for major players

The best casinos offer hundreds of games with slots, cards, bones and stakes. You just need to find the right game. In online casino games you can play on your smartphone or tablet.

Board games

  • Slots. The most popular variant of gambling
  • Black Jack. It can play from one to eight decks of cards.
  • Roulette.
  • Video Poker
  • Online Pachinko-becomes very popular
  • games Craps
  • Online Twenty-One, etc.


A slot machine with a very high rating. Casino called this game as a cash cow, yes, it’s an excellent table gambling game. Here, many players often lose. In America, players estimated a loss of $ 120 billion, because this is a legal gambling. And most of these losses were on slots. I keep away from this game.

Live dealer

The best casinos with live dealers –

  • Royal panda-bonus on deposit 100% up to $ 100
  • Bet365 – deposit bonus of 100% up to $ 200
  • Jackpot City – deposit up to 100% up to $ 400

Informing players about bitcoin casino:

Companies launched campaigns to inform about bitcoins and how they work and where to use them. Most online casinos have educational “tips” on their website to help players figure out how to play crypto-currencies.

Features bitcoin

Transactions of this crypto currency are very transparent. Its currency management system is decentralized.

Methods of obtaining this crypto currency

Bitcoin can be obtained through the network bitcoin, or as a commission for a transaction when checking a transaction. We can also receive bitcoins through any trading exchange, for example Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Kraken, Bitstamp, OK coin, BTCe and so on.

Security Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casinos are decentralized, they are not regulated by any authorities, and it is not known how safe the transaction process is.Yes, many consider the nature of “almost complete anonymity” of such casinos a huge plus, but this is a big drawback for the security of these gambling sites and investing players.

Washing the bitcoins

There are several methods how scammers can launder bitcoins with the help of bitcoin casino and as a normal player can become a victim of this criminal activity. To avoid this situation, always choose the best online casinos.

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