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Casinos to Visit in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco has a picturesque scenery, long history, lovely sights and numerous places of entertainment, including some of the most prestigious casinos in the world. Here we provide a list of the most famous casinos in Monte Carlo.

In fact there are 5 casinos in Monte Carlo that are part of the Monte Carlo entertainment complex. Read more below.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo

General Information

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is claimed to be the most prestigious casino in the world. It was designed by Jules Touzet, a French architect. It was founded as early as 1863.


Slot machines

Salle Blanche

Open hours: 2 pm every day


Open hours: 2 pm every day
Free admission: 18+ age

Table Games

Salons Privés

Open hours: 2pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday + Bank holidays (usually at 5pm)

Salon Europe

Open hours: 2pm every day

Salle des Amériques

  • American Roulette
  • Craps
  • Black Jack

Les Supers Privés

Available only upon request.

Dress Code

Private rooms: no sport shoes allowed; a jacket is required after 8 pm.
Gaming rooms: no flip flops or shorts allowed; appropriate dress required.
No religious or military uniforms allowed


Minimum age of 18
Identity card needed
€10 entrance fee per person + €10 more for the private rooms

Casino Café de Paris

General Information

Casino Café de Paris is another very famous casino in Monte Carlo that offers guests amazing moments observing the many gaming options, features and special offers of the casino. It is positioned on the Place du Casino.

Casino Café de Paris has a futuristic décor, the one that you can observe in science fiction movies. There is colored light everywhere. Depending on whether it is day or night, its nuances will change accordingly. Discover passionate and thrilling orange, red, ultra-violet, midnight blue and many, many others. Every color provides for a different atmosphere and mood. When you step inside, you begin a new journey…


Slot Machines

  • Roller Video: endless choice of playing strategies, themes and subjects thanks to a new-generation roller machines (they have synthesized rollers)
  • Roller Machines: a mix of technical development and classic rollers
  • Multi-games: Keno, poker, roller video and other games
  • Video Poker: five cards are dealt to the player and they can change them whenever they want with as many as they want
  • WAP Progressives: this is an exclusive system on the old Continent that enables players to win a jackpot no matter what he has chosen to play in
  • Linked Progressives: machines linked together; check out Hot Shot, Star Wars, Red Hot Jackpot, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Gold, Harley Davidson, Cash Fever, Party Time, Elvira
  • “Stand Alone” Progressives: autonomous machines

Opening hours: 10am daily

American games

  • Black Jack
  • American Roulette
  • Craps

Opening hours: 8pm every day

Salon Grand Siècle

  • Video Poker
  • Slot Machines

Opening hours: 4pm every day

Machines for multiple players

Apart from playing alone, one can enjoy playing with other people using the Organic – a machine for several players. It can hold 16 players. They can sit around the machine and try their luck.

Playing modes

There are three playing modes in Casino Café de Paris that add to the enjoyment and game experience.

Enjoy your play to the fullest with the following modes:

  • “Coin By Pay”: players can get additional payment tables; this tactic is usually used on roller machines
  • “Multiplicatrices”: jackpots are multiplied when players reach the “bet max”
  • “Multilignes”: this mode enables players to obtain additional winning combinations, which raises the probability of winning

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code
No religious or military uniforms allowed


  • Free entry
  • Admittance age: 18+

Sun Casino

General Information

Sun Casino is claimed to be the most American of all the casinos available in Monte Carlo since it provides the latest American table games.


Slot Machines

  • Fort Knox
  • Xtreme Derby
  • Roulette Club
  • Party Time

Opening hours: 12 pm every day

American games

  • Stud Poker
  • Craps
  • Big Wheel
  • American Roulette
  • Three Card Poker
  • Black Jack
  • War Game

Opening hours: weekdays: 5pm, weekends: 4 pm

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code
No religious or military uniforms allowed


Free entry
Admittance age: 18+

Dining: “Le Circus” Restaurant

The Sun Casino provides a restaurant. “Le Circus” Restaurant offers a wide range of salads, daily specials, pasta and other gourmet treats from the rich menu. Guests can enjoy Italian and French cuisine, the food varieties renewed every week.

The “Le Circus” is open at evenings only and has a bar as well.

The average price per person amounts to 60 €.


There is a small stage in the gaming room that makes gambling and game experience more exciting and pleasurable. Fridays and Saturdays throughout the whole year are very special for there is live music in the evenings.

When it comes to gambling and partying, the Sun Casino offers a world-class experience.

Monte-Carlo Bay Casino

General Information

Monte-Carlo Bay Casino is part of Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort that provides guests with comfort, pleasure and entertainment.


Slot Machines

The casino is equipped with approximately 145 slot machines and has a unique Ticket In/Out technology.
€0.01 is the amount of the minimum bet.

Opening hours: 2pm to 2 am every day

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code required but keep in mind that the place is stylish and luxurious . No religious or military uniform.


Free entry
Admittance age: 18+

Sports and Leisure

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort offers a vast lagoon with Jacuzzis, cascades, sun terraces and a swimming pool.

For sport lovers the resort provides zumba, yoga and other workouts. There is also a well-equipped fitness center, squash, tennis, watersports like fly-fishing, jet ski, and parachute rides.

Children’s Club

Parents should not hesitate to bring their children with them as Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has a children’s club. The place promises to take care of your kids aged three to twelve. The atmosphere is healthy and peaceful as the club is positioned outdoors at the Mediterranean garden of the resort. Children can play outside weather permitting. In case it is too hot or raining, there are special lounges in the hotel that are safe and air-conditioned.

Activities in the Children’s Club include: games (puzzles, animated films, Wii, board games, card games), sports (table football, pool games, badminton, ping-pong, light gymnastics), arts and crafts: clay, herbarium, Brazilian bracelets, pebble painting, beads) and discovery workshops (environment, cooking).

Zumba and Sunshine Yoga

Yoga lovers can start practicing in the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort any time of the year. Multi-level classes are available for everybody: women, men and children; both for people who have never practiced Yoga and for experts.

The resort has a team of professional Yoga instructors that teach traditional yoga such as Yoga Flex and Hatha Yoga Douceur; and Dynamic Yoga such as Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa, Power Yoga Vinyasa and YogaPilates Fusion.

Country Club

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort Country Club is open all year round and offers a great deal of activities.

Squash and tennis courts overlook the sea. There are 21 clay courts and 9 lit courts, plus two covered courts; two squash courts; two hard courts.

There is also a tennis school for adults and children available at the Country Club. It delivers summer courses, group courses and private courses. In addition, competitions are held throughout the year.


The Golf Club was launched in 1911. It is situated between the mountains and the sea and offers 18 holes.

The club is open on weekdays, weekends and holidays.


The hotel at Monte Carlo Bay has 22 suites and 312 rooms, longer bar, swimming pool, 4 hectares of gardens, solarium, 4 restaurants and other features.

The hotel has a few types of rooms: Prestige room, Exclusive room (both sea view and twin beds) and Superior room.

The suites available are: Prestige Suite, Duplex Suite and Two-Bedroom Suite. Visit the official website of the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort for more information about prices, accommodation and other features.

La Rascasse

General Information

La Rascasse Monte Carlo is a bar but it also provides a gaming area on the very first floor. It is available throughout the year from 4pm to 4:45am.

La Rascasse has slot machines. Some of them are positioned on the terrace, in the open area and others are inside.

History of Monte Carlo Complex

In the very first few years of existence, the casino was moved a number of times. In the 1850s this place wasn’t prepared for a resort and many people thought it wouldn’t succeed. There were no roads to connect Monaco to the rest of Europe, no accommodation and therefore lack of customers. The first owners of the resort weren’t competent enough to run a casino and couldn’t make a good profit of it nor attract customers.

In 1863, François Blanc took over the casino and formed a company to manage the new business. Blanc attracted investors, he being the only majority stockholder. At that time the Monte Carlo Casino Hotel And Resort was situated in Les Spelugues, meaning “the caves”. The area’s name was changed to Monte Carlo on Blanc’s insistence to sound more attractive.

In 1878, the resort was further expanded. In 1880, the same thing happened. New buildings and features were added. The place was refurbished and redesigned. In 1921 the Casino Gardens welcomed the first Women’s Olympiad.

An interesting fact is that Monaco citizens are forbidden to enter the casino. The casino is said to be intended for foreigners only. To make this happen, guests are asked for their identity documents to verify that they are not natives.

The Monaco Grand Prix takes place in the area of the Monte Carlo Hotel And Resort, namely near the La Rascasse.

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