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As is known, gambling entertainment appeared millennia ago. Initially these were primitive games: bones and ancient maps amusing the inhabitants of ancient India. Whereas the first bets were made in Asia. So, for example, in Japan the game currency became parts of the body and even people. Since then, gambling has changed, but it has not passed the position in the ranking of the most popular occupations in the history of mankind.


In 1638, Europe opened the first gambling house, designed for a wealthy audience. There was a strict dress code, huge bets were made and the entire gameplay was strictly controlled. The casino visitors were both men and women from high society.

And although at that time female gambling was considered unacceptable, some ladies managed to make a real breakthrough in the industry. Specialists of Slotegrator collected exclusive information about the achievements of women in gambling and are ready to share it with you.


Alice Ivers

The famous Englishwoman literally conquered the whole world with her appearance, charisma and incredible ability to play poker. At first the girl only watched her husband, who plays parties after parties with colleagues, and then became a participant in gambling. She was so closely related to her life with poker that she received the same nickname – Alice Poker. The girl quickly mastered the skills of the dealer and became a real professional, working in the best saloons of Western America. At the same time, Alice played poker better than any American and daily ravaged dozens of men.

Kitty Leroy (Kitty Leroy)

The legendary woman was born in 1850 and lived only 28 years. Nevertheless, her life was full of drama, excitement and adventure. Since childhood, Kitty has won the stage with her dancing abilities, which later began to bring her a good income. At the age of 14, she got carried away with gambling and could easily beat adults. Almost at 15 – first married, and then chose to give up family life and devote herself to a career. Kitty became a professional dealer of the game Pharaoh, and later opened her own saloon. However, this did not stop Lera from going under the crown four more times. So, for a short life the girl managed to try herself in the role of a dancer, wife, ladies of easy virtue, a gambler and even a business lady.

Lottie Deno

A special place in the history of the development of women’s gambling business is occupied by Carlotta J. Tompkins, also known as Lotti Deno and the Queen of Poker. A girl born in the family of an inveterate gambler already from childhood knew about all the intricacies of gambling and constantly accompanied his father in his campaigns around gambling establishments. To grow not a “beautiful pacifier” but a successful woman, he instilled in the daughter an interest in commerce and gambling. So, Lottie moved to Texas, got a job as a dealer in a prestigious casino and won the heart of a rich owner. Without thinking twice, he sold his place and went with Lotty to travel the world, breaking jackpots in various casinos. Once, Carlotta managed to win an indecently large amount of poker, so she received her famous pseudonym Lotti Deno, literally meaning “a lot of money.”


Today, women continue to actively develop in the iGaming industry and impress with their successes.

Kathleen Liebert

Cathy is the first woman in the history of world poker, which won $ 1 million in the tournament and reached the third place in the World Poker Tour. After graduating from college and receiving a business analyst profession, Cathy plunged into the office life of a good company. But soon this work was too boring for her – and she started playing on the stock exchange, not being afraid to stay in the red. Such boldness and free time that have appeared allowed Liebert not only to travel, but also to start a professional career in the field of gambling.

Annie Duke (Annie Duke)

In this American passion is literally from childhood. And despite the fact that at first the girl completely devoted herself to studying, exactly one month before receiving the diploma she threw everything and left with her husband to Las Vegas to get closer to the world of gambling. It was here that her gambling career began.

Today, Annie Duke is a professional poker player and teacher at the WSOP Poker Academy, the author of books on gambling, and the winner of the World Series of Poker gold bracelet (WSOP). Once in the world poker tournament among the champions she earned $ 2 million, and in 2010 her total winnings reached $ 4 million.


For the outstanding women in gambling, the annual WIG prize was created. So, in 2018 among the winners in different nominations were the most successful personalities:

• Leader of the Year iGaming (OPERATOR) – Irina Cornides (Irina Cornides), CEO of Jackpotjo.

• Innovator of the Year – Lorraine Sammut (Lorraine Sammut), employee of VideoSlots.

• B2B Excellence Award – Angela Houslay, Senior Sales Director of IGT.


As can be seen from our review, successful women in the field of gambling are no less than representatives of the stronger sex. If before, gambling was considered to be exclusively a male industry, today women prove the opposite with their numerous awards and achievements. And this once again confirms the fact that the sphere of gambling is open to all!

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