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In Italy, the priest lost in the casino half a million euros

Italian priest lost in the casino half a million euros.

An Italian priest from the Venetian suburb of Mestre became so interested in playing in a casino that he lost five hundred thousand euros.

The story happened a few years ago. Then the priest of the town of Mestre Flavio Gobbo packed a suitcase, told the church members that “he was very tired and was leaving,” and left in an unknown direction.

After that, a shortage of half a million euros was discovered at the checkout desk of the parish.

Police detained the priest. As it was found out, Flavio was a gamer, when he lost all his money, he began to spend money from the ticket office of the parish.

Later, the priest repented and was treated for gambling.

Last week, the court sentenced the priest to 2 years conditional and compensation for the entire amount of damage to the flock.

In Italy, the priest lost in the casino half a million euros


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