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Online Roulette: The # 1 Online Guide to the Queen of Casinos

Whether in land-based casinos or virtual casinos, roulette occupies a preponderant place in the world of gambling. Gambling enthusiasts that we are, we thought it was wise to develop this free online roulette guide. We would like to help players – of all levels – to see more clearly: from history, to strategies, to our advice to play for free and find the best casino, we reveal everything without taboos.

Online Roulette

1. Did you know? From roulette to online roulette, the thrilling story of the queen of casinos

Many players know by heart the stack of bets of each variant of roulette. But they are far less likely to know where this casino game comes from, and why roulette has been dubbed the Queen of Casinos. Thus, before presenting the rules of roulette and the course of a game, we wanted to make a little history, according to information verified by the very good site: . The time to unravel the historical mysteries of roulette has come:

1.1 The game of roulette is indeed a European game, the story is categorical about it

Do you know how roulette was born and who is its inventor? You will be surprised … since this is Blaise Pascal. The latter is best known for his mathematical and philosophical knowledge, yet he is indeed at the origin of the invention of this casino game: we have enough perspective to say that roulette is a game of European origin .

Blaise Pascal, animated by a real passion for perpetual movements and fascinated by the movement of the ball that revolves around a cylinder was inspired much of English and Italian games to create his own game: it is in this way that roulette is born.

Even if we doubt that it was Blaise Pascal who exported the roulette wheel to an underground gambling hall in Paris in 1796, we are sure that this is the year in which roulette was unveiled in the eyes of ” General public “.

It should be known that gambling was strictly prohibited at this time, so the roulette was played illegally in Paris gambling halls. Of course, the rules were more or less arbitrary and advantageous for the players given the regulation of this game in its infancy.

1.2 Hard times for the game of roulette, prohibited more than once in Europe

Things got off to a bad start for roulette, which came at a time when gambling was banned in France. Despite this, the White brothers, directors of the casino in Hamburg, have heard about this great game and decide to import it by changing the rules a bit to seduce the players. Unfortunately, Germany also prohibits gambling at this time …

However, in Monaco gambling is allowed, and the King himself offers the White brothers to open their own casino. Neither one nor two, François and Louis open the doors of the Casino Monte-Carlo, still standing today and attracting many distinguished guests: the roulette is finally launched!

1.3 Times are no better for the first European roulette in the United States

Roulette made its debut in the United States with French migrants who decided to take it with them to the boat holds. The success is at the rendezvous: American miners particularly appreciate this game from Europe, and new variants arise from this trip.Unfortunately, once again a victim of a curse, roulette is hit hard the great era of Prohibition, which prohibits games and alcohol, from 1919 to 1932. After this dark period, the Queen of casinos will definitely take flight. It now sits in the biggest casinos in the world, including Las Vegas, where it made its triumphant return after the end of Prohibition.

And nowadays, the online roulette game has comfortably installed on the game library of most online casinos, as you know!

2. The roulette – in all its variants – follows very specific rules which it is advisable to control

Our site dedicated to roulette (and online roulette in particular) is made partly thanks to our partnership with the specialist website hich will allow you to get started and earn as much money online. But before talking about earnings, we found it useful to present, in detail, the rules of this game of chance which consists in beating the casino:

2.1 Follow the guide and master the art of playing roulette like a professional in minutes

If you are wondering how to play roulette, know that you can find all the answers on our guide that will teach you to master both roulette land and online roulette games.

Just like the existing guides, it will teach you all the rules of roulette to master this game, very famous around the world, including in the world of online casino Switzerland. In short by helping you with our article you can play anywhere.

Also, to allow you to start your roulette games in the best possible conditions, we will present in detail the progress of a game. We inquired about the subject on the website which also addresses the subject of online roulette with demo videos: rather practical!

2.2 The organization of the game table and the different roulette bets are important elements

When you study the roulette rule , all the useful accessories for the smooth running of a roulette session (such as the game table, the cylinder, the chips and of course, the croupier) are not incidental knowledge. Thus, thanks to our advice, you will not be lost when the dealer announces “games are made” and “nothing goes”.

We will also take care to present you the various roulette bets such as red / black, odd / odd, dozen bet, sixain bet, column wager, on horseback, miss or pass or bet 1- 18 / 19-36. All this precise and particular lexicon sometimes makes the action of placing its bet difficult for the player, it is thus advisable to know all these terms in the hope of increasing its chance of final gain.

And do not forget to take a look at our article in the roulette glossary to find all the important terms to know about your games.

3. There are various strategies for each form of casino roulette; the players love it

On this 100% roulette guide, we treat the subject Roulette from the inside out. Thus, you will also find articles on strategies dedicated to roulette, especially martingales – that you can adopt during your games in a casino. Here, without further ado, our zoom on the martingales and other methods of play:

3.1 The martingale roulette remains one of the most used roulette techniques

Have you ever heard the word “martingale”? If you are a roulette pro, we bet yes. On the other hand, the beginners will be able to inquire about it on our guide: yes, we will guide you in your learning of the famous ” roulette strategy ” until the end.

Thus, martingales are a set of strategies applicable during your casino roulette games, which allow – in theory – to win more winnings at roulette. Most often, martingales will influence your bets. For example, you will have to bet more money if your previous bet is a loser, and so on.

3.2 The family of the martingale roulette is broken down into various martingales

There are a very large number of roulette martingales:

  • prolonged martingale
  • martingale of Wells
  • classic martingale
  • Dutch martingale
  • martingale Piquemouche
  • Martingale d’Alembert

You will be able to give it to your heart’s content!

3.3 Know that the techniques and methods to play roulette roulette are also used on other games

In addition to the martingales, you will also find theories and methods that will increase your chances on the “real money online roulette” mode. Among them, you will find Marigny’s theory, the Labouchère method, the Andrucci method or the bold game theorem.

Note that some of these strategies, theories and methods may also be used on other online casino games, such as slots, blackjack, video poker, joker poker, craps, sic bo , poker games, scratch games, baccarat, bingo or keno.

4. Looking for an “online roulette casino”? Enjoy our tips for playing like a king

Want to get an opinion on an online roulette platform or discover the sites that allow you to play for free? Do not panic, just browse the different sections of our site. We will show you the best promotions dedicated to roulette on the internet – to get started – as the site . Best casinos and best games so, for secure and lucrative games: do not read our three tips to find the best gaming site would be, too bad so enjoy:

4.1 Tip # 1 – Get Familiar with Variants and Online Roulette Versions

For a complete and thorough learning, do not forget to take a look at our special folder devoted to the variants of roulette.

We present the most popular variants of the game, such as European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, Mexican Roulette or Progressive Royal Roulette.

4.2 Tip # 2 – Find your roulette casino at a glance with our site reviews

To choose the best online roulette website, you will be able to forget about the “best online roulette” or “online roulette” or “roulette casino” type forums: with our detailed magazines, we will allow you to enjoy roulette games online at the best sites on the market, like Tropezia Palace.

All this information is to be found in each online casino review that we put online: they will be an undeniable asset to find the best online roulette site. We will also analyze the eventual release of a new site to test it and give our opinion to all players.

4.3 Tip # 3 – Take advantage of the great deals included in our roulette casino reviews

We will take care of selecting generous sites with numerous roulette bonuses , be it free specials, no deposit or welcome. It’s free, so enjoy it!

In addition, we will find casinos online offering a live casino platform to allow you to enjoy online roulette games in front of a real dealer, simply, from your living room.

5. When switching to the virtual version, learn more about online roulette games

When moving from a land-based roulette game to a virtual casino, it’s important to know where and how to navigate. That’s when game providers become important. Find a top of the best game publishers in this section. We then chose to introduce you to a game mode exclusive to virtual roulette, live roulette on a casino platform in real time.The crisp information is below:

5.1 Roulette game publishers are an important criterion to know when playing online games

On our casino guide dedicated to roulette, we will also allow you to discover the different designers of online roulette games. Indeed, many are racking their brains and cunning their talent to offer online casino roulette and games really attractive and sometimes even 3D games.

Among the major publishers of roulette games, we find:

  • Betsoft
  • Sheriff Gaming
  • Playtech
  • NextGen
  • Gaming, Rival
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Real Time Gaming (RTG)
  • Vegas Technology

They all offer fair, reliable, fun and lucrative roulette games. Enjoy!

5.2 Explore all possibilities of online roulette games and do not miss the live casino

We are now going to talk about a way to play roulette online: live roulette online is unique among virtual roulette games.

In this variant, you face in real time a croupier or a dealer who appears on the screen of your computer. Present in a game room equipped with webcams, it allows you to play as you would by playing roulette at the casino. Online roulette played in a live casino is identical to the casino roulette that populates traditional casinos.

You can exchange a few words with the dealer via a chat, and this one will answer you in person. You can even choose to leave a tip if you wish!

6. Treat yourself to free games available on our site dedicated to online roulette

What would a roulette casino site be like without lots of free casino games? Not much, is it? That’s why we took care to add each free online roulette game without registration, on our website. Thus, if you are not sure to master perfectly all aspects of this game you can practice on a free wheel but before discovering all the benefits of free games.

You will be able to enjoy it without limit and indulge in roulette online at no cost thanks to our free miniature casino! However, if you offer a wide range of games, know that you can unfortunately not enjoy live casino here since this game mode to challenge the dealers on table games, only offers paid games. Nevertheless, you will have plenty of fun and bet on the other flash roulette games available to you.

Also note that if you wish to play slot machines for free, enjoy free blackjack, free baccarat or free video poker, you can directly contact us. We will explain how to play for free and enjoy a lot of free games on the net.

7. Do not miss a crumb of the world of online roulette France: the + that make the difference

Once you have covered our ” roulette guide “, you will have all the keys in hand to play roulette, but also to find a reliable online roulette site by consulting our reviews of online roulette operators France .

Now you know what to do: check out casino roulette tips and strategies, find the roulette game variant that’s right for you, and the reliable online roulette provider who will offer you the best online roulette games from the best publishers and the highest bonus. Of course, before you start roulette online real money, we advise you to take the time to do some games in free mode to ensure the quality of the game.

Please note that we also have a “general culture” section at your disposal. Live fully your roulette experience and stay informed of all the facts of the world of roulette online France. You will also discover some very interesting anecdotes about roulette.

Roulette Guide as its name suggests is intended exclusively for roulette which is present in the online casinos (for the other games, you can go on).

It’s time for you to start exploring our site, now it’s up to you!

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