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The first slot machine was designed in the middle of the XIX century by the inventor Charles August Faye in the US, and then, at the time of the most important discoveries and great changes in the country, “great opportunities” for the first time the drums of the game turned, which later became one of the most popular and widespread in the world market excitement.

The name “slot machine” comes from the English word slot – slot, slot, hole, where coins are lowered in order to run the game. On the drums of the first automatic machines were depicted symbols of card suits – tambourines, clubs, hearts, peaks. But later, when the activity of slots faced the prohibitions of the law, the inventors had to be cunning.So, to circumvent the ban on gambling, instead of money as a prize offered sweets or drinks. Thus, there were fruit slots with images of cherries, apples, oranges, the words BAR on drums. With the passage of history, laws relating to gambling have changed many times, but fruit slots are still popular and are considered examples of timeless classics.


To date, the number of topics, plots and functionality of slot machines is incredibly diverse. Technological progress, the introduction of innovations in the creation of gaming machines, the emergence of the Internet has transformed the world of gaming slots into an inexhaustible source of gambling with unlimited possibilities.

Consider the main types of existing slots, their features and functionality.

Varieties of slot machines

Slots are divided into categories according to different criteria.

Based on the principle of action and technology, all gaming machines can be divided into two main groups – classic slots and video slots.

Classic slots are standard ground based automata in the base, the actions of which lie mechanic. These machines have 3 drums with classic, historically formed symbols depicted on them – the symbol of the seven, fruit, suits of cards, bars. Often in mechanical slots there are from 1 to 5 lines of payouts, bonuses are offered, progressive jackpots.

Video slots are modern, multifunctional, thematic machines, the operation principle of which is based on special software, and the mechanics has nothing to do with the rotation of the drums. Sometimes in video slots you can not even see the most drums, they are replaced by other forms to make the game original and unusual. The number of reels in video slots ranges from 3 to 9, the number of pay lines to 100. And the whole process of matching winning combinations is managed by a random number generator.

But in the online casino there is such a thing as a classic slot . These 3-drum machines are video slots that are only outwardly designed as mechanical, using classical symbols and functions. Such an imitation of mechanics is a way of satisfying the needs of conservative players who even on a computer prefer an old-good automatic with 3 reels.

Multi-Drum Video Slots

A distinctive virtue of virtual video slots is their multi-drum. To date, there are slots with 5, 7, 9 reels.

Five-reel video slots are most popular among players, since, despite their compactness, these machines are the most capable.

Firstly, slots with 5 reels are often fascinating thematic games, offering players to plunge into exciting subjects and adventures. Characters on drums reflect diverse themes: history, adventure, fairy tales, myths, famous personalities, films, music, stars, e.

The visual design of these slots amazes with the quality of graphics and sound design.

Further, five-reel slots offer players a lot of bonus games. The machines are equipped with wild and scatter symbols that trigger additional free spins. Also, some slots have different additional functions, such as multiplier, rollingreels, etc.

Slots with 7 reels are not so popular as five-reel, since they appeared relatively recently. The essence of the game in these slots practically does not differ from the machines with fewer drums, but before starting the game, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the table of payments. There are up to 10 payment lines in 7 drum slots, but they are not equipped with special symbols.

Nine-reel automata are the newest invention in the industry. They look like ordinary 3-drum, but the paylines are not only horizontal, but also diagonal. Often such slots are equipped with progressive jack-sweat.

Multi-line Slots

The payline is the line on which winning combinations of symbols are formed. The more pay lines, the greater the chance of winning. The modern variety of slot machines offers from 1 to 100 lines of payments, placed not only horizontally, but also vertically, diagonally and have various forms.

Players can independently choose the number of lines involved during the game, which also determines the number of bets. In order to make the right choice and calculate your bets, at the beginning of the game you should always read the lines in the paytable.


Slots with fixed jack-sweat, or as they are also called direct, have a fixed payout table and a jackpot that does not change. In such slots, the win depends on the size of the bet and the winning combination of symbols.

Progressive slots belong to a separate group and allow players to win the most huge jackpots. Features of such slots is the presence of progressive jackpots, the essence of which is that each player who makes a bet on this slot automatically contributes money to the total amount of the jackpot. Winning on progressive slots does not depend on the size of the bet, it all depends on the case – you can make a very small bet and at the same time win all the previous large bets collected in the jackpot.

Progressive machines are very popular among gamers, since at low rates there is a chance to win a lot of money.


You can divide the slots into types depending on the size of the bets that you can make on them. On slots you can bet in such sizes: penny, nickel, quarter, 1 dollar, 5 dollars, there are also machines for VIP players who can bet in the amount of 25 to 100 dollars.


In this classification, everything is clear – the submachine guns are divided into two types – those that are left by bonus rounds or games, and those that are not.

Bonus game – this is a very effective way of motivating the player, which makes it possible to ignite even more excitement in him, keeps him in the game more time, and accordingly – gives more chances to win. Often, bonus rounds are bright extra games that transfer a player from the main panel to another. Most often, bonus games offer the player to guess the suit of the card or the correct location of the bonus. These games are easy and positive, they help the player to distract and relax.

Today, there are practically no slot machines, even 3-drum classic slots offer players some bonuses.


3 D slots are automata of new generation, which are created using the technology of three-dimensional image and sound. These ultra-modern slot machines amaze with the quality of graphics and musical design. Some developers, such as Netent, today even offer the possibility of slots with virtual reality, playing in which you can literally enter the inside of the game.

Rival also developed a unique product – i Slots, in other words interactive slots. In fact, i Slots are 5-typed slots, with wild and scatter symbols, several paylines, but their feature is in bonus games. These are not the usual rounds of guessing, the players face a more difficult task, for example, to win golf, or to pass a quartet or strategy. Thus, in one game a slot of chance and a computer game are combined.

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