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We live in times of rapid innovation progress and technological development. Things that were previously considered impossible became available to everyone.

Time is the engine of progress. Virtual reality, 3D graphics, “smart” robots, network gaming machines – now all this is not a myth.

The World Network has opened for people a window into boundless possibilities and new knowledge that, of course, left a significant imprint on the development of online gambling as an independent industry as a whole.

In this article we will consider the history of the creation of this direction and its further evolution.


The emergence of gaming platforms on the Internet is associated not only with the rapid development of technology and the World Wide Web, but also the desire of users to play and bet without leaving home.


The birth of online gambling . A small British company Microgaming made a sensation in the world of gambling, having developed the first online casino. It was this event that became a landmark in this industry. A beginner provider that has become the leader in the slots market today, Microgaming offers a wide range of software for every taste: from traditional “one-armed bandits” to modern games with realistic graphics and bright special effects.

Once risking, the company became the pioneer of the new world of online casinos and gave gamblers the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions while sitting in their favorite chair.

It is worth noting that in the same year an agreement was signed in Antigua and Barbuda, which allowed to license and legalize gambling in the vastness of the World Wide Web.


A few years after the development of the first platform, more than 15 structures were registered, which were engaged in a similar sphere of activity. This indicator indicated the increased demand from the gamblers and the high level of their interest.


In 1997, the prestigious bookmaker InterTops for the first time began to accept bets on various sports events online.This incident affected the rapid development of the gambling industry all over the world. All interested persons had an opportunity to bet on sports through the Internet.


This year there is the first boom in the online gambling industry – a progressive slot was developed and introduced for the first time. Not surprisingly, in the same year, one of the most significant events in the online casino took place – the first major jackpot was won.

This was a turning point for all users, as they realized that anyone can win at an online casino, even with minimal financial costs.


  • Digital technologies are developing, new ways of entering and withdrawing money are appearing, general improvement in the quality of slot machines is observed, the first mobile online casinos appear and new gambling shows are held.
  • The developer of the first gaming platform, the company Microgaming, has become the creator of a specialized structure called eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). The organization acted as an intermediary between users and playgrounds, settled disputes and conflict situations. The main task of eCOGRA was to protect the rights of players.
  • Due to the rapid development of the gambling industry, the turnover of financial resources in the online casino at the beginning of the 2000s was more than $ 8.5 billion, which indicated a great demand from users.


The US Parliament passed a law banning gambling on the vast expanses of the information and telecommunications network, which was a big blow for fans of thrill.

With the advent of online gambling, many players preferred to win money using the appropriate Internet platforms.The number of visitors to land facilities in Las Vegas decreased significantly, which adversely affected the overall economy of the country.

Russia adopted a federal law that prohibits gambling on any network sites. By 2015, the Unified Register of Blocked Sites had about 22,000 resources that dealt with the illegal sphere of activity.


With the advent of smartphones and the first iPhone, there are even more mobile versions of gambling. For example, the company Microgaming released the first card-based mobile game for money – Baccarat, which operated on the platform Spin3. And a year later in the AppStore appeared a mobile application called Texas Holdem, developed directly by Apple. Already after 5 hours of work it fell into the top ten best applications.


In the United States, a campaign was launched to find compromise solutions between authorities and users regarding the legalization of online casinos. Many states in America have begun to consider bills relating to increasing the level of loyalty to online gambling.

year 2013

Governor Chris Christie signed a bill on the legalization of online casinos in the state of New Jersey, USA.Afterwards, 11 gambling houses were opened on the Internet. The tax on the conduct of such activities was 15%, which significantly increased the total treasury of the state.

The amount of gambler rates for 2013 through mobile phones was about $ 10 billion, which is very high in the online gambling industry.

year 2014

The first licensed bitcoin-casino BitCasino is open, which offers games such as baccarat, poker and blackjack, a wheel of fortune, as well as tournaments and a poker room. Moreover, they are all available in the mobile version of the online casino.

2016 year

There is a massive transfer of developers from Flash technology to HTML5. It allows you to optimize web pages for use in mobile applications, as recently, more and more players are using phones and tablets to play online casinos.

2017 year

The Spanish company, the leader among gambling developers, Red Rake has released the world’s first slot with orbital drums. Innovation won the hearts of inveterate gamblers. Thanks to this innovation, the game process became even more pleasant, and the winnings – more.


To date, the online casino enjoys no less demand than traditional land machines. Numerous advantages of betting without leaving your home can not leave indifferent avid players.

One of the main advantages of modern online gambling are:

  • availability of a variety of loyalty programs, bonus system and other pleasant surprises;
  • a large selection of games: from traditional machines to modern novelties;
  • The ability to play anywhere in the world, regardless of the location of the player;
  • complete security and privacy for the user;
  • the possibility of a free game, which in principle is unacceptable in terrestrial casinos.

Despite the fact that many countries do not support the development of the gambling industry, a number of states are actively working to soften the established prohibitions on online casinos. For example, in many US states the process of legalizing online gambling continues.

According to forecasts of analysts, the activity of online casinos will be “at hand” to the United States. Each gambling house is a profitable taxpayer, which will have the most favorable effect on the economic situation in the country. A similar situation occurred in Israel.

Due to the fact that terrestrial casinos are strictly forbidden here, the authorities of the country have found a compromise with users, offering an alternative in the form of online gambling.


  • VR-technology. To date, the transfer of the user into virtual reality is no longer a myth. Many developers have invested large sums in the development of VR-technology.
  • Live-games. Want to immerse yourself in the world of online casinos and get unforgettable emotions? Then the slots that provide contact with live dealers are created just for you! A number of developers have already launched platforms for live games, which became one of the most liked trends this year.
  • Luck + strategy. The beginning of 2018 gave players another innovation – slots that combine standard game with an exciting process of developing smart strategy. The user’s gain will depend not only on luck, but also on his mental skills and abilities.

Online gambling today is a full-fledged organized system that offers a wide range of different slots and promises big winnings. Constant improvement and development of new games attract everyone who wants to feel sharp emotions, passion and an irresistible desire to win.

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